LDS Announces Partnership with Linoma

For Encryption Software for System i

Security breaches are extremely costly and are increasing, while disclosure laws addressing data breaches are dramatically increasing enterprise's liabilities (in terms of customer notification, etc.).  Many of the data breach incidents result from network intrusions, theft of portable devices, and unauthorized access by employees.  Data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, payroll information, wages and bank account numbers are the most commonly breached pieces of information.

LDS has aligned with Linoma Software, a specialist in Data EncryptionCrypto Complete will encrypt sensitive AS400 /System i data in the database, in applications, and in the backups, with little or no programming required.  Go Anywhere will retrieve, encrypt, translate and compress data you need to exchange with another server, email recipient, bank, vendor, etc.

Please view these links for further information on these versatile and robust products:

Find out more                                                           We are Business partner's with IBM and Microsoft  South Carolina

LDS invites you to Go Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Storage Systems with the Compellent STORAGE CENTER™

As technology demands increase, the challenges of storage capacity planning and administration can become increasingly difficult to manage.  To help your Company decrease administrative complexity and storage product costs, LDS has recently partnered with Compellent to provide the industry’s only SAN with automated tiered storage.  With their Storage Center ™ solution, costs can be reduced up to 74% while decreasing storage administration time by half.

 Find out more                                                                                                  Visit : http://www.compellent.com

If you feel your company would be interested in taking a closer look at any of these products, we would be glad to give you a short demo. For Linoma or Infor, please contact Jerry Lyles at jlyles@lylesdata.com or 843-676-1000, and for Compellent please contact Frank Dugan at fdugan@lylesdata.com or 843-676-1004.                                                                                          

Lyles Data Systems, Inc. is an Information Technology Business Partner with an emphasis on IBM, Microsoft and other leading products in South Carolina and North Carolina.  lylesdata systems is a IBM business partner in south carolina.Microsoft business partner south carolina. business partner IBM south carolina.

We are Business partner's with IBM and Microsoft  South Carolina

                                                                                          Lyles Data Systems, Inc. LDS has been an IBM Business Partner and Microsoft Business partner in South Carolina  and a full service  solution provider for over twenty years in both the AS/400 and PC arena. We are Business Partners with  IBM, Microsoft and other leading products in South Carolina and North Carolina. IBM Business Partner South Carolina